Basic RPG Forum Rules

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Basic RPG Forum Rules

Post  Rioneru on Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:03 pm

RPG Forum Basics

Step 1: Create an account; It is more advisable to use a username that has the same name as the character you wish to create later, so that people will know that your character being mentioned in the posts is actually you.

Step 2: Log in using username and password.

Step 3: Character creation; Create the history and background of your character like how they got their powers and what their personal values are. You must also describe how your character looks like. (post under Creation--> Character creation)

Step 4: Letting everyone know your main weapon; Create your weapon. After posting this, you MUST get an Admin's approval before posting in the starting any RPG posts. If your abilities are approved, the Admins will let you know, in that thread you posted about your created weapon.

Step 5: Apply for a Job; there are a few Jobs you can choose from. Pick wisely because once chosen, your job cannot be changed.

Step6: You're Done! You can now roam the Final Fantasy Universe or join a Group if you like.

Rules and Guidelines when posting

1. First off make sense, if you go posting nonsense then the other people are not going to know what you are talking about.

2. Noone's going to check for your spelling,grammar and punctuation.

3. When you post make sure you describe how your standing,sitting etc. When your character says something make sure we know that it is you who are speaking.

4. It is advisable to highlight the words that your character are speaking so people know that your character is the one speaking.

For example: "Hi...I'm Black Carnage, nice to meet you!"

5. Details should be used. Example: "Matt took a swing at Tim." So cool ain't it? Not really. Now let's see a real sentence of action! "Matt daringly swung his blade at Tim's neck trying to decapitate him with one slice." Much better ain't it? Exactly my point...

6. Rogues are allowed. Just note you are required to make your own rank system if you make an organization. You're ranking up will be done by an admin (such as myself) when you participate in an RP that would reward you as such.

7. If you were in a unfinished topic then don't go randomly posting every where else. Always remember to finish up the event before posting somewhere else.

8. When creating a topic, make sure to describe the weather and location. Throw in if any other people are there or if there is noise everywhere. Be very descriptive when beginning your topic so you can fight while being able to recognize if there is a boulder there or something.

9. No disrespecting other members. This includes harassment, flaming, and insulting. This will result in a temporary ban if you do not follow this. Goofing off is fine, but don't offend anyone. Debate is find as long as you're not gonna send them a virus because they disagree.

10. Respect a higher ranks' decisions. They have their reasons for decisions, but it might not be completely clear. Just ask in a PM.

11. Don't brag or be a sore loser. This includes saying I won and you didn't; or how could I lose to you, you're so weak. This could cause feelings being hurt.

12. No double posting. Double posting means spam, and spam makes it hard to read. Also, avoid small posts. Say more in less posts!

13. Make sure you are posting in the correct spot. The forums have descriptions. It is better to lose 5 minutes on reading something, than losing an hour looking for a topic that is moved, or even erased!

14. Do not harass anyone. Why am I saying this again? Because it's important.NO CALLING NAMES AND MAKING IN FUN OF PEOPLE The member will or should report you if you do.

15. Enjoy yourself and have fun!
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