Summoner abilities

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Summoner abilities

Post  Rioneru on Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:47 pm

Summoners call on powerful entities known as call beasts, espers, Guardian Force (GF), eidolons, aeons, or simply Summon Monsters. These entities may attack enemies, protect the party, or render other forms of aid. As a magic-using class, summoners are typically shown to be physically frail as a trade-off for high magical potency. Summoners often use staves or rods for their offensive means, their potential in the use of melee weaponry is downplayed significantly in favor of their ability to use magic.

Ability: Enhanced Summon

Once per battle, Summoners cannot be attacked for two posts. (this ability is only temporary, will change it once the Summon ability is implemented.)
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