How to play (Battle basics)

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How to play (Battle basics)

Post  Rioneru on Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:28 pm

How to play

Before you begin a battle, note that your character has 3 main stats to be used in battle. They are Strength, Magic and Speed. The outcome is determined by the differences in your stats and your opponent's.


When you are being attacked, there are two things you can do. You can either Attack back or Defend/ Evade the attack. When you choose to attack back, firstly you see if the you are being attack by physical means or by magic. When being attacked physically, you determine the difference between your Strength and your opponent's. The greater the difference, the more damage is done to the person with lower Strength. Likewise, for magical attacks, you determine the Magic difference instead.

When defending or evading an attack, you determine the difference of your Speed and your opponent's. If the difference is 5 or less or the same, then the attack is successful. If the difference is 6 or more, then the attack missed.

The Summon ability will be added in the near future. (still have to think of a system for this)

Please note that you can only Attack or Evade ONCE per post. And double or thriple posting just to attack is also not allowed. You will have to wait for the other poeple in the thread to reply first.

After battling for a while within a battle, it should be quite obvious who wins and who loses. Within turns, add descriptions of what your character is doing to make the battle seem more realistic and exciting. Have fun experimenting your class's abilities with the different spells. You can even battle with your friends in parties of 3 or less.
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