Character's Exp points/ GIl

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Character's Exp points/ GIl

Post  Rioneru on Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:08 pm

As all you FF players out there already know, the global currency in the FF universe is Gil. In this forum, we'll be using Gil instead of experience points. Gil can be used for many things, such as increasing your stats or various ranks, or maybe even buying items (in the future). Gil will be awarded by Admins only, when an event has been completed and approved by an Admin. So this will encourage those of u to participate more and COMPLETE the events. In future major events, even more points will be awarded to those who participate and complete them. Your available Gil is visible under "Stats" below your avatar.

For each stat to increase by 1, the cost will be 250 Gil.

When you wish to spend your Gil upgrading your stats, just feel free to PM any mods or Admins around.

Have fun RP-ing and earn Gil! Very Happy
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