Blademaster's Abilities

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Blademaster's Abilities

Post  Rioneru on Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:58 pm

The Blademaster class focuses on weapon skills and offensive attacks. The Blademaster can dual wield swords, and possesses a wide array of combat abilities suitable for dispatching great numbers of foes.

Swords are the Blademaster's weapon of choice, whether single, dual-wielded, or even used as a throwing weapon. The class is limited in its use of other weapon types -- However, Blademasters can not use heavy firearms, just melee weapons and sometimes pistols. They can use shields sometimes, but have no special skills to augment their effectiveness like the Guardians. Useful and deadly in combat when combined with other spells and abilities.

Abilitiy: Swordplay

Blademasters can attack (post) two times in a row once per battle.
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